Yuyang intelligent warehouse is based on WMS intelligent warehouse management platform to build, through the automation of logistics equipment to complete the enterprise manufacturing various processes and processes between the material deliveries. Through intelligent warehouse, enterprises can timely grasp the real inventory data and reasonably maintain and control the inventory status. Through the management platform, it is also convenient to carry out detailed management on the location, batch and shelf life of inventory goods, greatly improving the work efficiency of the enterprise.

WMS warehouse management
system is an international leading operational model

WMS is a leading global ー of warehouse management system, can real time record the warehouse storage, at the same time according to need to issue instructions and guidance material box parts of intelligent storage system make corresponding action, realize storage function. WMS through the basic data management, warehouse management, business query, system setup four modules of accurate control, to provide a continuous flow of logistics support for the intelligent factory.

Yuyang independent research and development of four access institutions

Improving work efficiency by a large margin

At present, most of the intelligent warehouse in the market in the access and transport of the manipulator used in the work of the ring can only access one goods at a time, and can take more than one of the mechanical arm structure is too complex, and the operation of complex. Yuyang Intelligent warehouse for the industry to catch the existence of technical problems, independent research and development of four access institutions, break technical difficulties. This technology can realize the work cycle to access multiple goods at a time, and fully automatic control, simple and convenient operation, greatly improve the operation efficiency of the warehouse system.

RFID Warehouse

Management system improved management efficiency

3D Machine Vision

Fast and efficient control of enterprise warehouse

RFID warehouse management system by the web server, PC data acquisition software, mobile end of inventory software (PDA) to realize the objective of access to intelligent warehouse information input, storage, inventory, location, security, out of warehouse information. Automated warehouse management features, to solve the problem of automatic identification of data, information processing more quickly and accurately, reduce thousands of advance, avoid cumbersome manual input and other processes, thus reducing the operating costs of enterprises.


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