Flexible Manufacturing System


KINFMS System, independently developed and used by Yuyang, is used for centralized management of production lines and equipment in smart factories. The system handles the intelligent management and control of basic data, resources, production, warehouse, monitor board, production documents, quality and other modules, and the connection with ERP or heterogeneous system. As the brain center of the entire smart factory, KINFMS makes each production line closely linked with the equipment, forming an efficient operation system of the Internet of Things.

Plan management

By using the flexible production management platform, online scheduling and dispatching of production plans as well as real-time collection, monitoring and analysis of various operational data can be realized through networking of equipment.

Resource distribution management

Through the flexible production management platform, the rational distribution of production resources can be realized. Tools, fixtures and materials achieve automatic distribution and logistics transportation, which can greatly improve the plant production efficiency.

Cutting tool management

The central cutting tool library can realize a set of cutting tool library shared by many sets of equipment, which can meet the requirements of automatic tool matching and tool changing for various types of machine tools, and form a highly efficient rotating equipment using system.

Equipment management

The flexible production management platform can monitor and alert the real-time status of the machine and equipment, including alarm maintenance, patrol inspection, spot inspection, etc., and realize the tracking record of the full life cycle of the equipment.

Production process looking-board management

Through the multi-dimensional electronic looking-board information display, it realizes the comprehensive visualization, transparency, real-time and intelligent management and control of manufacturing.

Production command center scheduling management

Through the collection of process data, the operation and production of the equipment can be understood in the main control room in real time, and any problems in the adjustment of the production process can be found in time.


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