KINEYE 3D machine vision

3D vision has kept pace with the world since its inception

Yuyang and European research institutions jointly developed KINEYE ® 3 d machine vision system, on a par with the world technology, which can realize the refactoring and reengineering of manufacturing production lines, and realize the reformed intelligent enterprise. In the process of product production and distribution, it can identify, measure, and test products and ensure their quality, all to help enterprises produce defect-free products at a higher speed and lower cost. It can also help manufacturers improve product quality, productivity and market competitiveness.



KINEYE® vision system provides a new and practical method for the detection, analysis and correction of complex products, due to its convenience and high precision. Size of product testing, parts appearance defect detection, etc., not only can completely replace human, but also can achieve 360〫 all-round multi-angle online detection. KINEYE ® vision system, depending on the field of view, can provide precision of 0.01 ~ 0.02 mm to level mu, even at the same time, and can achieve traceability and data acquisition.

Fast online detection, no need to stop, and get through after taking a picture.

Thanks to KINEYE ® design, 3 d vision binocular simulation human eyes or three-dimensional imaging picture, in highly automated manufacturing production, the process can complete real-time on-line detection of the target object, with no stop, or to the, up to 4000 FPS. The majority of the 3d vision detecting products on the market are very time consuming, but the KINEYE ® 3 d vision system has a response speed of an astonishing 0.3 seconds, can fully realize the online applications, and therefore greatly improved production efficiency.

Accurate measurement of height information, immediate access to product differences

KINEYE ® 3 d vision detection system can easily complete the space level, especially for complex product size, and defects of precise measurement. 2D vision, on the other hand, can only be measured in the x-y plane by extracting features of the measured object from the grayscale diagram. When height measurement or z-direction information is required, such as height, depth, thickness, flatness, volume and wear, 2D vision cannot meet the measurement requirements. On KINEYE ® software the power of 3 d vision system, when measured target volume is too big, can choose 360 degrees imaging features, camera picture puzzles at the same time, more objects real moments.

Grab and palletize
Precision and efficiency

Nternational Leadership in Technical Level

The robot adds to the 3D vision system, which USES machine vision to process, analyze and understand images to identify targets and objects of various patterns, and can quickly and accurately find the parts under test and confirm their positions. Loading and unloading with machine vision to fix position, guide the mechanical arm to grasp accurately, to achieve accurate intelligent operation. At the same time, all KINEYE ® programming 3 d vision system without customers, the operation is convenient, simple application, customers can use directly.

Bionic Human Eye Vision with Two Cameras

KINEYE ® 3 d machine vision using dual cameras simulates the human design principle, namely the two points of view, to observe the same scenery, for the perception of images under different Angle of view, and then through the rubber and plastic pieces of the location of the deviation of triangle measuring principle of image (parallax) to obtain the 3 d scene information. When the acquisition field of vision is 2000mm *1500mm *1500mm, the accuracy of the acquired image can still reach an amazing 1mm. Not only that, the image accuracy will change with the change of the acquisition field of vision, in order to meet the accurate identification of different objects.

Disorderly grasp, change

KINEYE ® 3 d machine vision system adopts the most advanced 3 d visual positioning technology, can identify the goals of the chaotic and objects. 3D vision can accurately obtain the position information of the workpiece according to the 3D feature information of the workpiece, and realize the accurate positioning and quick grasping of the robot or mechanical arm. The system can be widely used in various types of production lines on the material handling, assembly, shelves, etc.


Transcoding recognition

Nearly 100% recognition accuracy

Optical character recognition can be done quickly and accurately in any application and environment. Comprehensive recognition technology, can achieve ICR (handwritten), bar code, Form recognition and regional recognition, and a variety of scanned documents and images into a searchable, editable format. Ultra-fast identification speed can still be high precision identification; 0.1 seconds is all it takes to identify the contents of a piece of A4 paper. Multiple recognition language support, and easier to meet the needs of global customers

It is not affected by the external light source

KINEYE ® 3D vision system testing environment is not subject to the same as color of the ambient light, natural light source, it can be finished quickly and accurately positioning, such as inspection, identification of transcoding operation. Due to technical limitations, 2D vision relies too much on the illumination effect of external light source, and the complex production environment in the factory, with all kinds of light interwoven, has a great impact on 2D vision, often resulting in irreversible consequences.

Efficient operation and cost savings

While the mainstream of 3D vision system appearing on the market can only match up with one robotic device, the KINEYE ® 3D machine vision system can drive two or even more than one robot at the same time thus providing the most efficient, and greatly cost reduced manufacturing enterprise. All mainstream brands of robots on the market can with famous foreign KINEYE ® 3D machine vision provide complete seamless connection.

KINEYE ® 3 d vision applications

KINEYE ® 3D machine vision system can be widely used in automotive, food, medicine, electronics and other fields. It can help all kinds of manufacturing and processing enterprises to achieve accurate intelligent positioning, detection, identification, and greatly improve the efficiency and quality of manufacturing.


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