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With the development of the Internet, big data, cloud computing and other new information technologies, the global industrial transformation has begun to enter a substantive stage. In China, smart manufacturing, made in China 2025 and other strategies have been introduced, leading industrial development into a new era, a global enterprise transformation and upgrading of smart manufacturing campaign, which has started. Dalian Yuyang industrial intelligence, from the "grinding experts" in the field of industrial casting to the advanced planning of the smart factory project, breaks through the technical barriers in the research and development design one by one, builds an efficient data sharing platform, realizes the deep integration of physical manufacturing and virtual world, and forms an interconnected intelligent industrial system of everything. Yu Yang industrial intelligence, with years of industry accumulation of thick and thin hair condensed a smart fatory, with innovative thinking to help enterprises upgrade innovation!

Yuyang Smart Factory
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Yuyang industrial intelligence always stands high in the field of experience and cutting-edge technology, and takes the research and development and manufacturing of cutting-edge equipment as the foothold, to create intelligent production lines, which are connected with the management platform, to form the intelligent factory of the Internet of everything, and to realize the seamless connection between physical industrial production and the virtual digital world. From raw materials warehousing, processing and manufacturing, to the final quality inspection, packaging and shipment, each link is completely artificial, intelligent and efficient production management system runs through every detail of the smart factory. For enterprises, to build a highly efficient energy saving, green environmental protection, comfortable environment of humanity chemical industry


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